Saturday, October 6, 2012

Elko Echo blog ends* October 15 and you are redirected to:

The website for USW Local 1-405 is has become more interactive.
Included on the USW Local 1-405 website is:
  • Collective Agreement.
  • Job Posting Supplements.
  • Lots of information pertaining to the Elko operation under the heading "Our Certifications" (go to the scroll down list and select Elko)
  • Information pertaining to other operations under the heading "Our Certifications."
  • Elko  current "Union Management Meeting Notes."
The Elko Echo blog* was created to present current online information that will now be published online by the website of Local 1-405.

The Elko Echo has served its purpose, and now re-directs you to the website of Local 1-405 as your source of online information about our union, and many details about Elko agreements.

Thank you for your patronage, and remember, as union members, "United we stand...Divided we fall."

Ron Fisher,
Job Steward and publisher of the Elko Echo blog.

*Note - the Elko Echo blog will remain online for a number of months for archive purposes.

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