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Union Management Meeting June 12, 2012

Union Committee Present: Jeff Bromley, Tom Molenaar, Bryan Gaudet, Len Holmgren, Jason Cleland, Dave Tracy, Ron Fisher, Chris Cadogen.

Management Present: Laura C, Shaun F, Dave P, Mark P, Royce L.

New Business

Union: We would like to start the meeting today letting you know that we have appointed Len Holmgren, former plant chair, as a Job Steward filling Bryans old spot.
Company: We welcome Len to the committee and assume we can use him right away if we need him to represent a member?
Union: Yes, Len has spent quite a few years as plant chair in the past and is a very knowledgeable individual.

Shop Stewards Attending Meetings
Union: What are your plans for letting guys go on shift. With one of our grievance meetings you did not let one of our stewards go.
Company: We will free them up if we can and it doesn’t affect production.
Union: You have done well as for the Union Management meetings go but we want to have a steward present if he was there for the initial meeting and we are doing a follow-up meeting.
Company: We will do as much as possible, we will not stop people from attending.
Crew Talks
Union: Some people don’t have to attend meetings and others do and it is in the J-bar at the planer. People can’t hear. Also the seem to be more about production and less about safety now.
Company: It’s different now safety is a part of it but it covers Safety, Quality, Cost, and Delivery now. It covers our day to day things. We are evolving things all the time and are learning about things as it goes.
Union: Why is it held where we cannot hear?
Company: We will be looking at holding it at a better spot, perhaps just outside the foremans office at the planer. We just don’t like how we lose an extra 5 minutes or so as guys get ready to go after a meeting. We want everyone in full PPE and ready to go when the meeting starts. We also want the board out on the floor so that people can see it when they walk by, not everyone goes in the lunch room.
Union: Some crews send the back end people to work too catch up while the sorter is stopped for the meeting. Why?
Company: We should not be doing this. The whole crew should be present. We will advise the planer crews how we would like things to happen.

Union: What will we do at the planer for oiling? The guy who was doing it decided he wanted his weekends back.
Company: We are looking at possibly putting a full time oiler over there. We are not promising anything tho, we are just looking at it right now.

Status of Mobile Equipment
Union: So we hear there is a 988 loader coming on site. Is this true, did you order one?
Company: We ordered one for hear and one for Canal. These loaders can offload a truck with one grapple.
Union: Will we lose the Laterneau?
Company: We will restructure job descriptions perhaps but not eliminate anything.
Union: Please give us as much notice as possible when you know if something is going to effect jobs.
Company: We will give notice ASAP when jobs change. We don’t want people to worry about rumors before it happens.

Company Update
Company: We have lowered our cost in Elko over the past couple months. We had a one time charge from FRM that brought our costs up but if it wasn’t for that we would have been making money again. WE have turned the corner and things are looking positive. Duty is at 10% at the US border and should soon be at 5% so that will also help.
Union: What is happening in the log yard? No white wood?
Company: There is some out there but we will be doing one more week of Fir/Larch and there is lots of white wood decked in the bush but it is just too wet to get it out right now.
Union: Ok well we hope for better weather soon, our guys don’t like the look of the log yard right now.
Company: on another note we have hired Dan Petuskin as our new mobile/yard foreman.

Union: What is the plan here?
Company: Some have gone up but we are waiting for supervisors to let us know what to post. We will choose which jobs to post.
Union: You have a contractual obligation to post vacancies and there is a time limit also that we have been flexible on lately.
Company: If we want to eliminate a job we may not fill a posting.
Union: You MUST fill the vacancy before you eliminate a job. The workers have contractual rights to be in motion and have rights to incumbency. Also there is a contractual right to severance if a worker does choose that route.
Company: We will fill the postings. There is one job that we think we will be eliminating and that is one afternoon shift forklift during the week. (The Monday-Thursday bid.)
Union: Give the guys notice please.
Company: We will get the notice out in a week or two we think. We agree to work with the committee to get the postings caught up as well.
Union: What will you do with all the people quitting? Will you start to hire again?
Company: We may hire some summer students but we have a lot of people doing extra work and feel that we will be fine. We have been pretty deep on the call list until now and we have just absorbed those people.
Union: Well we don’t even have people training right now and holidays are coming...
Company: That is for us to worry about we’ll see if we need guys.

Union: Are we going to get one?
Company: We have not updated our new maintenance superintendent yet. We will look at it with Royce L.

Old Business

Union: We want to see if we can get this back still.
Company: We can’t swing it right now but please keep this on the agenda as we will keep looking into it.
Bid Box
Union: We still want these boxes split up so we have soul access to our members copies. As it sits not we trust you to bring us the papers, and oh do we even have a key for it now? Mike M. had the management keys we think.
Company: We will get it sorted out.
(Shaun F. goes home after we break for the dust conference call, about 3:30-4:00)
Charge Hand at the Kilns
Union: We were told that this is a personal vendetta towards the guy doing the job. It is not, we just want to have things done properly over there. Is it a charge hand or a relief supervisor? He is doing a lot of relief supervisor duties, the local says he can do it as a relief or as a charge hand but not split it up and exonerate on a Friday for overtime.
Company: Why can’t we do it this way?
Union: The local has made it clear that the answer is no and it cannot be done this way. Some of the duties he does is bargaining unit work and some are relief supervisor duties and they cannot be done by the same guy.
Company: He is trained on the stuff we have him doing. The relief supervisor duties are done on Friday instead of after shift like the guys we use running crews.
Union: We believe he is one or the other and please keep his duties to charge hand duties if that’s where you are going with it. On the weekend we believe some of the jobs he does on OT could be done by senior guys such as counting loads for inventory. They did not have the chance to train and should be. It is not something that cannot be done in the bargaining unit.
Company: We’ll look at it with Shaun.
Mobile Equipment continued
Union: What are you going to do about forklifts? We hear that some new Taylors might be coming.
Company: All we know is that the 988 loader is coming for sure. We do not know what is being replaced next.
Union: We need to maintain our forklifts, they are not getting all the attention they need and are wearing out fast.
Company: We’ll try to evaluate and make things happen.
Union: These Taylors are larger 2 wheel drive forks with little to no suspension meant for paved yards not ours. They are going to have to be driven backwards when moving loads so please take into consideration that it may be a safety issue doing longer hauls like the sawmill infeed for a full shift day in and day out.
Notes to this meeting submitted by:
Tom Molenaar
Secretary Elko Plant Committee
USW Local 1-405

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