Thursday, May 3, 2012

ADM on May 5, 2012 for Local 1-405

The Local Annual Delegated Meeting (ADM) is this Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Days Inn in Cranbrook (Old T&C).
The meeting gets underway with registration at 8:30 and meeting start at 9AM and going until the conclusion of business that day.

 Elko has elected 6 delegates and myself as representation to the meeting that has all operations from around the Local attending.
Elected from Elko are:
Tom Molenaar
Jason Cleland
Gord Haine
Bryan Gaudet
Rick Boekestyn
Dave Tracey

 Typical business for the ADM is:
  •  Debate of Resolutions submitted at the Sub-Local meeting in March
  • Financial Reports
  • Sub-Local and Industry Reports
  • Safety
  • Guest Speakers
  • Election of delegates to various conferences
  • Election of Local Union Trustee(s)
  • Election of Officers of the Local – all of which are up for election for three-year terms

 Although you may not be a delegate, as a member in good standing you are entitled to attend with one vote.

 I encourage all who are able to attend and get to know the workings of your Local Union.

Jeff Bromley
USW Elko Plant Committee Chair
USW Local 1-405 2nd Vice-President    

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