Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Strong Strike Mandate is Needed to Send the IFLRA a Strong Message

Your BC Interior Bargaining Committee has had enough of the Interior Forest Labour Relations Association’s delay tactics. That’s why we are asking you - our members - to give us - your bargaining committee - a strong strike mandate when we meet again with the IFLRA on March 30, 2011.

The IFLRA still wants you to agree to a sub-standard collective agreement with concessions, when it knows full well that a pattern agreement –such as those achieved with Canfor, CONIFER and West Fraser – can be easily negotiated with our union.

Even with member companies West Fraser and Tolko – which reached agreements with our northern Interior Locals 1-424 and 1-425 – the IFLRA still wants concessions from USW Locals 1-405, 1-417 and 1-423. The IFLRA refuses to address the issues of working foremen, hours of work regarding alternate shift schedules, and health and safety language.

You have been more than patient with a bargaining process that has been pushed beyond reasonable limits by the IFLRA.

Your bargaining committee intends to bring all outstanding issues to the bargaining table with the IFLRA for a timely resolve.

We urge you to VOTE YES in favour of a strike if necessary - to strengthen our bargaining position.

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