Thursday, September 30, 2010

What the Union Has Done for Me

From the person serving your coffee to the person signing your paycheque, the union has had their influence and knowledge in it. Every break, benefit and comfort we all enjoy, the union has been there. Some enjoy these luxuries more than others, but the union has paved the way for all to enjoy.

Management has forgotten who has gotten them the luxuries they have become accustomed to on the backs of the workers; the people who serve the coffee, process the lumber, mine the coal. Without us they can’t enjoy the bonuses. All we ask is for them to share the wealth and provide equal benefits through decent wages, good benefits and a good pension. After all, are not we the ones making all the money for management?

When times are good we ask to be a part of the riches, and when times are hard we feel the hardships. We accept the layoffs and work force reductions. Management on the other hand is not held accountable. Corporations give bonuses to C.E.O’s but never hold them accountable for their mismanagements. They have forgotten all about the worker.

A question was asked to me: What has the union ever done for me? How about the money you make, the holidays you enjoy, the breaks, the benefits and the backing of an organization that looks out for the average worker, and protects your rights? The question that should have been asked was: What can I do for the union?

Show your support, get involved.

This Editorial submitted by Dave Tracey, Elko Plant Committee Member

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