Monday, July 12, 2010


The IFLRA is ignoring enquires from USW BC Interior Bargaining Committee to schedule further talks. Bargaining broke off in mid-May with the IFLRA needing to go back to their board of directors for more direction. Since then, there has been attempts by the USW Committee to set more negotiation dates but the IFLRA has not acknowledged them.

During May bargaining sessions, the IFLRA missed the mark on many USW pattern items and as a result of this missed opportunity, the USW Committee expressed frustration and questioned the IFLRA about their ability to conclude a collective agreement. And after a month of IFLRA silence, the USW now wonders if there may be some disorganization within association that might be the cause of this bargaining calendar hush.

It should be remembered that the IFLRA stomped off to the BC Labour Relations Board last January while wringing their hands with a bad-faith bargaining claim against the USW for what they interpreted as a refusal to schedule bargaining with them—a claim that was refuted by the Board.

Despite the silence from the IFLRA and the recessionary times that our industry is facing in North America, the USW BC Interior Bargaining Committee intends to bargain a progressive collective agreement in the BC Interior and are ready and willing to continue talks with the IFLRA at the location of their choice.

At this time, a date and location for further talks have not yet been scheduled.

Source: USW BARGAINING BULLETIN #35 - July 9, 2010

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