Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tembec Provides Occupational Vision Plan

As of March 2010, Tembec now belongs to the BC Association of Optometrist Occupational Vision Plan (OVP). This plan is an important benefit Tembec provides to you.

Tembec and the Optometrists will help you get safety eye protection you need. They will help you find the best eyewear for your line of work. OVP eye doctors can correctly fit protective eyewear to give you long term comfort and reliability. They provide leading eye-safety wear that meets Worksafe BC and CSA requirements.

3 easy Steps to Eye Safety

Request an OVP authorisation form your supervisor. Tembec will cover the costs as per the approved agreement.

1. In Elko have your form signed by Dave P. or Brad J. In Canal Flats have your form signed by Conrad R. or Jeff M.
2. Choose an optometrist from list below.
3. Make and appointment. If you already have a eyewear prescription bring it along.

Note: Tembec does not pay for your eye examination. (Currently the eye exam cost is around $80.)

The Forms are now here to enable all employees who wear prescription eyewear to access this OVP service.

Our Safety Coordinator, Rob M. has reviewed the selection available at Cranbrook Vision care and there are 23 frames available to choose from. They look like they are fairly modern design. There is a wrap around model available. Basically this is a safety glass with an insert that slips behind the safety glass and tucks in place .You would then have to look through two layers of safety glass which may be and issue.

A word of caution please be professional when you have contact with Optometrist companies they have no control over the selection but are a liaisons with the dispenser only out of Vancouver. They support the Occupational Vision Program but have no control over the program. Complaints about selection will be addressed by the company not them. Thankyou for this consideration.

We have three Optometrist outlets that support the program in the East Kootenay:

In Cranbrook - Drs. Robertson, Bednarczyk, & D. Demarchi, 1517 Baker St. (Tel. 250-426-4501)

In Kimberley - Dr. Chatten, 75 Deer Park Ave. (Tel. 250-427-2020)

In Fernie - Drs. Mann, Groeneweg & Vinge, 642 2ND Ave. (Tel. 250-423-4467)

"If you have any questions, contact your supervisor."

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