Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elko Log Hauler Suffers Fatal Injuries

It is with great sadness we report the following incident:

An employee of a contract log hauler providing services to Tembec suffered fatal injuries on Tuesday, January 26 in the afternoon at his place of work.

The deceased log hauler was working in the Alexander area of operations (near Sparwood) delivering sawlogs to Tembec's Elko mill. Very preliminary information reveals that the victim was under the back of his vehicle making mechanical adjustments that he deemed necessary at the time. The individual parked on an inactive landing to complete this task. While under the truck, the vehicle began rolling backwards dragging the individual with it (estimated a total of 50 feet). While unknown at this time, it is believed that this dynamic resulted in internal injuries that ultimately caused the driver's death.

How can it be prevented?

There is currently a substantial investigation underway involving the RCMP Traffic Division, the Coroner's Office, Tembec's Incident Investigation Team and WCB/WorkSafe BC.

Until then, make sure that if an employee is required to go underneath his truck, safety procedures (blocking tires, emergency brakes, etc) must be applied and followed. If there is no procedure in place, you must develop one.

For any additional information, please contact our Human Resources Manager at Cranbrook, phone: 250 426 9206.

Source: Tembec Corporate

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