Thursday, November 12, 2009

Union Management Meeting – October 28 2009

Union Committee Present: Bryan Gaudet, Ron Fisher, Doug Wood
Management Present: Ian L, Brad J, Dave P, Roland K.

1. Presentation from the Canadian Cancer Society on tobacco free work place.

2. Skookumchuck Scaler
Union-There is a scaler at the Skookumchuck Plant scaling logs. How was this scaler selected and why were our scalers not approached.
Management- We don’t know anything about this. We don’t even know who’s doing the scaling. We will look into who is doing it and how the decision was made and get back to you.

3. Evaluation Process
Union- There are jobs that are in the evaluation process and others that need to be done. The worker who was doing the evaluations has retired and the new evaluator has yet to be trained. Would the company be willing to bring the retired member in to assist in the evaluation and help train the new member of the committee?
Management- If the retired member agrees and he is needed to assist in the evaluations, it shouldn’t be a problem. He had lots of good books on the process you should try to obtain them.
Union- We will contact him, and let you know.

4. Culligan Water coolers
Union- The Culligan coolers need to be cleaned. They can contain many sources of bacteria.
Management- Culligan has a schedule on exchanging them and cleaning them at their site.
Union- Maybe we could get the janitor to do regular cleaning of the nozzle’s and trays.
Management-That shouldn’t be a problem. We will also call and inquire with Culligan, if we can increase the amount of times they exchange the coolers.

5. Lam Stock Dollar Return
Union- The fir run was full of really nice lumber due to the square program. The price of lam stock is really high. If there was more time spent splitting the fir and larch and drying them separately. We would get a lot more lam stock.
Management- The Company looked at all the costs associated with this before doing the run. And the cost of splitting it out-weights the gains. Even in the days when we did split it, we broke even with the costs of splitting it and the added drying time.
Union- Some of the fir was to dry and most of was split.
Management- Some of the fir was old stock. We tried to put the old fir in towards the end of the run to have them separated. Some of this fir had 16% moisture content before going into the kilns.

6. Union Safety Concerns
Union- Due to the resignation of the Safety Committee for various reasons, any safety concerns will be addressed through the plant committee.
Management- the Company plans to continue with their efforts with the safety committee.

7. Low Morale
Union- The morale is extremely low do to the implementation of the new policies.
Management- These policies are not going to change. The decisions were made above us.
Union- We gave you feedback and don’t get anywhere.
Management- We appreciate the feedback, but there is nothing that can be done. This is the way it is going to be. I don’t lose any sleep over it. This is not a democracy. There are lots of things we don’t agree with but we have to support it anyways.

8. Smoker Accommodation Request
Union- There are some workers requesting accommodations regarding the new tobacco policy.
Management- What kind of accommodation are they looking for.
Union- They are looking for a place on the mill site that they get to on their breaks.
Management- There is nicotine replacements that they could use. Maybe they could try that while they are at work. We would like to see an official request put together as to what they want.
Union- We will put this together. We also have a map that shows that the area beyond the road by the river bank is not Tembec property. We also have a photo of a property marker in this area.
Management- Send us that info and we’ll find out. I will have to find out who owns the land and ask for permission to allow smokers to smoke on their land.

9. Phone System After Hours
Union- There was a worker who had an emergency at home and his spouse was not able to get a hold of anyone.
Management- We will look into the phone system.
Union- The grade station phone does not work and you can’t receive calls anymore.
Management- That phone will be fixed, and we`ll try to amplify the volume. So you can hear it better.

10. Processor In The Yard
Management- On Friday there will be a new processor brought on site to cut our shorts. The fellow from P.G. has gone home. The new one is from True Cut Logging out of Sparwood.
Union- This may become an issue.
Management- We have discussed this before that we need the shorts cut.
Union- It seems to be becoming a more permanent thing. When we originally agreed to it, it was for only one year. That ends in January.
Management- You guys should discuss it and get back to us.

Minutes by:
Bryan Gaudet
Job Steward
Elko Plant Committee

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