Friday, October 30, 2009

Elko Worker's House Burns in Fernie, Family Saved

A fellow worker was notified by neighbours who travelled one half hour by car to the Elko millsite to let him know his house was on fire. Fortunately, his daughter realized what to do, thanks to the educational fire prevention week program. The family was woken up by the smoke alarms, and all evacuated the burning residence in Fernie, British Columbia.

Recently, the company, Tembec Inc., Elko Division has committed to the Union Committee to improving its over-night phone service, by having a crucial workers station land line, at the lumber graders station, improved for both ringing notification and phone speaker hearing improvements. Additionally, with workers families getting the list of Elko millsite phone extensions, it will mean access to all parts of the mill, not just the foremen's office which frequently has no one there to answer the phone in case of home emergencies.

To read the full story on how a little girl helped save her family, click on the following link in the local Fernie Free Press newstory,

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