Thursday, October 22, 2009


The USW and Council on Northern Interior Forest Employment Relations (Conifer) bargaining committees met once again in Prince George on Monday, October 19th.

Discussions continued on the alternate shifting proposed for the Conifer collective agreement. The employer continues to express concerns regarding the process of a vote after a trial period.

Conifer’s major concern was a lack of assuredness that the alternate shift would remain in place and expressed a strong desire to have shifting language that mirrors similar language in the southern interior.

The USW committee was contacted Monday evening and advised that the Conifer committee would be heading home unless the USW proposed further assurances that the Employer could implement alternate shifts. While the USW is prepared to continue discussion with Conifer in an attempt to find a resolution that both parties would be comfortable with, the USW could not give the specific assurances requested by Conifer.

Bargaining is not scheduled for the week of October 26 due to scheduling conflicts although the USW is prepared to meet with Conifer the week of November 1st. Additional dates are yet to be confirmed by Conifer.

Source - BARGAINING BULLETIN #18, October 19 2009

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