Friday, June 19, 2009

Bargaining Bulletin #6 - June 2009

Bargaining Proposals Exchanged

The Interior Negotiating Committee met in Prince George, with Company Representatives from West Fraser (100 mile operation only) on June 8th, representatives from Canfor on June 10 and representatives from Conifer on June 11.

Your Negotiating Committee presented the Company representatives with Union Proposals ratified at the Interior wages and contract conference in 2008.

A similar pattern has emerged with the employers looking for extensive amendments to the collective agreement. Labour cost reductions, greater flexibility and a smaller collective agreement were the themes form the Employers.

The Bargaining committee still has to meet with the IFLRA on June 25 in Kelowna and dates have yet to be set up to meet with each West Fraser operation individually.

Once the Committee has completed the meeting with the IFLRA the committee will take time to thoroughly analyze the various Employers positions, determine which appears to offer the best opportunity to successfully negotiate and conclude a new constructive collective agreement.

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