Saturday, May 30, 2009

Union Management Meeting – May 28, 2009

Union Committee Present: Doug Wood, Lee Roger, Jeff Bromley, Ron Fisher, Enzo Caccavo.
Management Present: Ian L, Roland K, Brad J, Barry M, Dave P.

1. Layoffs
Union- Why did you do away with payroll deduction for lumber sales to employees?
Management- We want to reduce part loads around the planer to reduce costs. This will help with downsizing in staff (shipping: 8 people down to 6), and with every local sale it adds time for our shipping staff to take care of.

2. Company Update
Management- We plan on an 80 cent dollar and lumber to be worth $170/thousand, this will see us run full out as normal. We are watching the dollar as it is going up, this will dictate our run schedule. Pulp is firming up and that’s good. We are looking at reducing costs from the log yard to the shipping yard and everywhere in between.

3. Job Postings
Union – What’s going on with all the jobs that need to be posted?
Management- We will be posting jobs next week. From now on we will be posting jobs as the job, the shifts (A B C) and the rate, we will no longer post the exact shift.Union- You should be posting the shift the opening is on as well.
Management- No, all we will do is job, shifts(all three or two) and rate.Union- We don’t agree.

4. Electricians
Union- What is happening with them?
Management- Our apprentice is selected and he was scheduled to start in July but likely he will not start until October, we hope. We also have other electricians who used to work here; they are willing to help out if needed, as we could run into manning problems with the two who left.

5. Run time
Union- What is your plan for the run time for the near future?
Management- The sawmills are flexible, but we are not sure what will happen. The $12 million for the Pulp mill cogen will help, but the dollar going up is really hurting us.
Union- Quit holding us hostage, you have a good idea what your run schedule is going to be, we are tired of this, just tell the truth.
Management- No, we don’t know.

6. July 1st Canada Day
Union- How about moving the stat to the Friday to let everybody have a long weekend?Management- We will get back to you, if it is going to cost us money, it won’t happen.

7. Casuals
Union- Why did you have casuals working when our people only got 30 hours?
Management- Casuals should have not worked; it was a oversight on our part.

8. Job cuts
Union- How many staff jobs did you cut?
Management- Lots- FRM, Elko, the office in Cranbrook. The cuts were significant.
Union- Nothing in Canal Flats.
Management- There were people there only a few months away from retirement so we are letting them work until they retire.
Union- So why then did you cut people in Cranbrook that were only 6 months away from retirement?
Management- We are not going to talk about that.
Union- You opened the door by saying in Canal there were people only a few months from retirement and you let them work out their time. Yet others were cut?????
Management- Your getting personal and we will not talk about that.

9. Other savings
Union- What are some of the other savings you have looked at or done?
Management- We have gotten rid of a lot of our trucks in the plants. We are going to be multi tasking trucks. At the planer on a/s and n/s, the shipping truck will be parked at the planer for them to use as transportation around the plant. We asked our suppliers to cut 10%, after all they should not be making money off us when we are suffering. The Leturneau is on one shift, the scale shack is down to 2 scalers and the grade shack is down to 2 graders. We will also consider running the planer w/e c/u without a charghand.
Union-When will the scales reopen?
Management- June 22 or 29.

10. What other Tembec mills are running?
Management- Chapleau is running steady but Hearst, Kapuskasing and Senneterre are on a run to order basis.

11. Graders
Union- Is Canal Flats down to 3 graders?Management- No, with the technical programming of their board turners we have had to bring in Bob W. to enable 2 graders instead of 3, by June 27 they will have 2 graders.
Management- Our Lumber Inspector, Barry B., was in Elko this week and the report was within acceptable limits. We are getting good value added returns.

Minutes by:Lee Rodger, Elko Plant Secretary, USW Local 1-405 Trustee

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