Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Shut Downs to be Extended

Union Management Meeting on March 16, 2009

Union Present: Stan McMaster, Doug Singer, Doug Wood, Jeff Bromley.
Management Present: Jean-Luc Carriere, Roland Kemperman.

Discussion points:

-Pulp mill start up postponed for an additional two weeks. Target date will be April 20, 2009.
-Samill operations start up also postponed likewise, and in fact may be indefinate.
-Under the present economic climate, no current scenario will work to operate the sawmills. The company is looking at 15 different scenarios - from running one mill, then the other; running one mill OR the other; running on reduced shifts etc.
-The company's most immediate concern is supplying the Pulp Mill with chips when it does start up again...and doing it with the cheapest chips possible.
-The company told us they'd have a decision in two weeks.

The company did address a couple of the rumours we'd heard:

A) Canfor - No sale. This one started because they were going to sell Radium 20,000 meters of wood. The Canfor trucks pulled up and this one spread like wildfire. They committed they weren't going to sell the BC Division.

B) Spray Lakes Chips - They hadn't heard whether or not Spray Lakes had signed a deal with ALPac to sell all their chips to them but did say that if they can meet their needs from Radium and Spray Lakes for Chips - if the costs were cheaper than us running - they'd use them. (Obviously if Spray Lakes is sending their chips elsewhere for good it's better for us.)

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