Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tembec EI Process **UPDATED INFO**

Once again there has been an update on how Tembec employees will apply for Employment Insurance. Now we will apply ONLY ONCE. Our E.I. files will be flagged and updated appropriately by the E.I. office. Please read the following message from E.I. official by the name of Barb, and emailed to Stan McMaster and Lana Kirk -

If the claimant is on a continuing claim they do not need to file a new claim. They continue reporting their cards as per usual. We will work out the adjustment of the workshare week with their declarations.

If the claimant has not filed yet. Have them file using the Reference code as a worksharing claimant. They will not have to file again. We will do the renewal automatically for them once the workshare card has processed.

If the claimant has already filed as a regular claimant, they do not need to file again. We will adjust the workshare week and do the renewal once the worksharing card has processed.

For further information you can contact:
Lana Kirk Human Resources Coordinator Tembec BC Division
phone: 250-426-9275 fax: 250-426-3406

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