Monday, February 2, 2009

Links for E.I., etc.

On February 9, 2009, Tembec will be closing the Elko and Canal Flats sawmills, as well as the Cranbrook finger joint facility, for a period of eight weeks or indefinately due to extremely poor market conditions. The associated Tembec pulp mill at Skookumchuk will close for six weeks commencing February 23.

You may need to use these links on the internet to access sites due to our recently announced lay-off...

Lastly, and this is just an opinion, but if you're thinking about applying for workshare for those two days we missed this week I wouldn't. It is my experience that going to the workshare and then back to a regular claim is a nightmare and, though you'll eventually get paid, it could delay both claims for weeks. For those who can afford it, fine, but for those who are looking for an E.I. check in the next week or so, I would check with E.I. at the very least.

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