Monday, November 17, 2008

Union Management Meeting – October 30 2008

Union Committee Present: Doug Wood, Lee Roger, Jeff Bromley, Dave Szots, Brian Gaudet

Management Present Ian L, Roland K, Tom K, Frank G, Eric D

1. Layoffs
Union- Has there been any word on the Xmas layoff?
Management- Just what was said at the October meetings. We will know when work resumes after the November layoff what is going to happen at Xmas.
Union- Has anything been mentioned about the new year?
Management- No discussion beyond the New Year.
Union- We would like to let you know that the majority of workers here at Elko would prefer the workshare program as to weeks of layoff.
Management- Yes we understand that and will take your suggestions into consideration, should there be more downtime.

2. Job Postings
Union- The planer infeed fork. We need to finish training one spare and get the other started. We also need to get more people trained on bar coding.
Management- Yes we will look into this.
(In a meeting on October 31 2008 between planer plant committee members and the planer superintendent, commitment was given to get the fork operators trained and bar coders trained. It was agreed this was an area of great concern)
Union- What about getting two more spare oilers posted, we have one and he only does the planer.
Management- We will talk to the maintenance supervisors
Union- We also need a trimmer/j bar and a planer stacker posted.
Management- We will get on these.

3. Misc.
Management- Some capital is on the table from the board of directors so we are resubmitting the auto grader upgrade and the slasher deck in the s/m. The slasher deck is only about $120,000 but the auto grader is close to $3 million. We will see what gets approval.
Union- Our old kilns should be condemned the middle one’s roof is rotten.
Management- Yes they are in tough shape, but they work and for now we will have to wait to see if we get the new kilns purchased from Kamloops or Canal gets them. The slasher deck is a one year payback, it should be here soon but the kilns and auto grader need approval from the board because of the amount of cost.

4. Planer A crew supervisor
Union- what’s going on?
Management- The new supervisor will be the old s/m B crew supervisor. He will not take over for 3-4 weeks minimum, we don’t have a firm date yet.

5. Apprenticeships
Union- when will you be doing the electrical interviews?
Management- We are going to get to them ASAP.
Union- What about heavy duty and m/w?
Management- We want to get a meeting with Jean Luc and the local to discuss ways of doing apprenticeships and mitigating the cost.
Union- If you are referring to the one inside and one outside apprenticeship-forget it. We will not even go there. We have quality people who have been patiently waiting for years for apprenticeships and to disrespect them by taking on someone from the outside, no way.
Management- Jean Luc wants to explore this avenue.
Union- Tell him it’s a dead end.

6. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
Management- What is the stumbling block with PPE?
Union- We are behind you in wearing PPE but the first notice that was put out was ridiculous. At the safety meeting yesterday there was good discussion. PPE does nothing to eliminate hazards. The safety committee had no say before this memo was put out. If you want to have an effective safety committee, utilize it, consult with them. But instead you “lay the law down.”
Management-We agree it should have been done better.
Union- PPE should be worn but you have to make it easy for the people. Build a dry, then when people come to work they go into the dry get all their PPE on and then continue to the job. The Planer is a bit different from the mill, the van can go around to the back , people can go to the locker room, then to the job. We can make this work but you have to listen to the concerns and work toward an agreeable solution.
Management- We agree.

7. Hiring
Union- With all the quits how is the hiring going?
Management-We had 3 or 4 people on the call list but with the last 3 quits we need to do more. We have a transfer from the VAC coming though.

Minutes by:
Lee Rodger
Elko Plant Secretary
USW Local 1-405 Trustee

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