Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meeting Notes for April 2008

Union Management Meeting - April 23

Union Committee Present: Doug W, Lee R, Jeff B, Dave S, Barry M, Enzo C, Ron Fisher, Brian G
Management Present: Ian L, Dan D, Brad J, Frank G, Eric D, Dave P

1. Bathrooms at S/M and Planer
Union- The bathrooms at the s/m and planer are disgusting. The Planer bathroom has had no work done to it since it was put in. The toilet plugs on a continual basis, therefore the floor is wet. No doubt there is mould. The one urinal leaks and the taps in the sinks need replacing. It does not get cleaned enough. It needs an upgrade, not to mention it’s a health hazard. The s/m bathrooms are long overdue for an upgrade as well.

Management- We will do what is needed. We are working on the s/m bathroom and we will work our way over to the Planer and do what is needed over there as well. We will send the janitor over to the Planer twice/week and the d/s c/u can clean every day as well. WE WOULD ALSO LIKE TO SAY THAT THE BATHROOMS NEED TO BE RESPECTED. SOME OF THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN ARE COMPLETELY CHILDISH.

Union- WE COULD NOT AGREE MORE. The writing on the walls needs to stop as well.

2. Production Superintendent (B. J.)
Union- What is his job?

Management- Whatever he is assigned to do. The Planer Superintendent (D.P.) looks after the Planer and BJ. looks after the sawmill.

3. Production Superintendents job
Union- When will we know if this position will be approved?

Management- Jean Luc is here on Friday, Ian will find out then.

4. Elko Echo
Union- Concern over privacy issues have been raised by you the company. Ron Fisher has been in contact with the privacy officer. Ron has it on the blog. We will eliminate names and use initials or “worker”. Any issues need to be addressed to Ron Fisher.

Management- We understand

5. Planer Back end fork job
Union- When E.C. was working his alternate shift he could not hold a spare. We sat in a meeting and agreed that when he cleared medically he could have a one time shot at taking a bid that he bid on in the past.

Management- No we did not agree to this. It would set precedence. We said that when he got cleared he could bid on a job through the job posting agreement.

Union- We could have pushed the issue through human rights but we didn’t, we agreed with you that when E.C. was cleared he could have a job he bid on.

Management- We will schedule a meeting with T.K and T.F. (company and union)

Union- Going forward, we will go back to the bid for E.C.

Management- The posting has not been awarded.

6. Workshare
Union- Update?
Management- It’s over as of April 12 2008. Elko is back to full time; instead we will take blocks of time off. You can collect regular benefits for EI for the blocks. There are other mills just joining the workshare program but Tembec was one of the first. The feedback seems to be that the majority of people want the blocks of time off instead of 3 or 4 days /week.

Union- For the record the feedback we got from people at the planer was they wanted the 4 days/week. When you take the blocks of time make sure its cut in half so people get one week of pay.

Management- We will know at the end of May for the summer shutdown. If we can keep costs down and production up we will run, while others go down. WE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TELL ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE ELKO PLANT “GOOD EFFORT”

Union- There were some people “training” on the prime sorts. They were running them on their own. If this was true, we have senior people at home wanting to work. This should not be happening.

Management- We tried to call people but there was no answer. People need to be more diligent when they are on call in contacting the company.

Union- We agree.

Union- What about training the casuals for manpower shortage?

Management- Maybe possible.

7. Auto Grader Update
Management- The P.A. is in the system. It’s about a $3 million upgrade. It might be in operation this fall. We are looking at a scanware product; it requires no graders at all.

8. Spares being trained
Union- update
Management- We have one training on the 22”/27”, then another to start on the loader. In the planer we have two graders training.

Union- The CLT JSB needs to be worked on.

Management- Do it.

9. Fire Practice
Management- We will practice once/month. There will be a posting the workers

10. CLT supervisor
Union- Who is the CLT supervisor?
Management- E.D. We are looking for someone from the planer
Union- Why are the CLT operators being asked by the company “what to do?”
Management- E.D. and D.P. work with the guys and we do a good job.
Union- You should have someone on board with knowledge.

11. Apprenticeships
Management- The electrical apprenticeship will be up next week. We will look for a journeyman as well, if we cannot find one, we will post for another apprentice.

Union- What about in the Heavy Duty shop?

Management- No we do not need one.

Union- So in last months minutes we told you to be proactive and take a close look at the mechanics. There are two guys that are close to retirement (one could go this year). Don’t put yourself in the same predicament as the electrical shop.

Management- The mechanic you are talking about has threatened retirement for a while, we are not concerned.

12. Gas at the Planer
Union- Why would you turn the gas off at the Planer for the heaters?

Management- We were just trying to save some money. There was a month that the pulp mill did not cover our costs.

Union- This should be looked at on a day to day basis. Think about what we are doing. All you had to do was communicate to the workers through a posting that we would be shutting the gas off. Management in town was complaining about the lack of communication between the Plant Committee and the Elko Management, it needs to improve. Well here you go; you arbitrarily turn off the gas with no consideration for the people.

Management- You are right, we should have posted it. We will communicate this type of thing in the future.

-Minutes by Lee Rodger, Elko Plant Secretary-

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