Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WorkShare Program Ends April 12, 2008

Workshare Program 2008

The following notice circulated by TEMBEC Cranbrook Personel Department is to advise everyone that effective April 12, 2008 the WorkShare Program is no longer in effect for Elko workers. You must however complete EI cards up to and including April 12, 2008.

The upcoming May shutdown will come under regular EI benefits and you may file a claim as per instructions provided by the payroll department (see below).
Application for Employment Insurance Benefits
and your Record of Employment
as it pertains to the
May 12 - 17, 2008 Shutdown

Records of employment have been issued to all employees who have been impacted by the September/October 2007 mill shutdowns and/or the previous Work Share Agreement.

If you had established a claim with Employment Insurance after the shutdown in September/October 2007 and/or had participated in the Work Share Agreement, you will not require an up-dated Record of Employment.

You will need to reactivate your claim by filing a new short form application on line, through the Employment Insurance Call Centre or at a Service Canada Office. The subsequent shutdown would be recognized as a continuation of your original claim if you filed your declarations from the original shutdown and/or Work Share Agreement on a timely basis. Please note a typical Employment Insurance claim has a life of either one year or until the entitlement weeks are used up, which ever comes first. Please be advised a Work Share Agreement does extend the benefit period by the number of weeks on Work Share.

If you did not establish a claim during the September/October 2007 shutdowns or the Work Share Agreement and you are impacted by this shutdown, you will need to request an up-dated ROE from Payroll and you will also need to file an application for benefits with Employment Insurance.

The Company is unable to access information to determine who has or has not established claims with Employment Insurance due to Privacy Legislation. Accordingly ROE’s will only be issued when requested if an employee is establishing a new claim.

For more information on Employment Insurance visit their Web site at:

Or contact the EI Call Centre at: 1-800-206-7218

To apply for Employment Insurance benefits on line, log on to:

The on-line application program is compatible with both IBM and Mac platforms. Follow the instructions carefully; ensure that you answer all the questions even if they are not mandatory. Omissions and inconsistencies will delay the processing of your claim for Employment Insurance benefits.

To apply in person:

The computer systems in our offices have been converted to mirror the from home Internet application. To avoid lengthy delays in our offices, submit your application on line from home. If however you do not have access to a computer, you can apply for benefits in person at your nearest Service Canada office:

Nelson Kutenai Building 333 Victoria Street, Floor: Main
Cranbrook 1113 Baker Street

Claim Reactivations may be done through the Employment Insurance Call Centre.

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