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Meeting Notes for March 2008

Union Management Meeting – March 20 2008
Union Committee Present: Doug W, Lee R, Barry M, Jeff B, Wendy G, and Ron Fisher
Management Present: Ian L, Dan D, and Brad J

1. Workshare Program
Union- We have spoken with the field clerk and a few cards are still being chased down. This is an honorable thing to do but there are people who have had their cards in and are waiting for money.
Management- We have made the changes to have a cutoff in place, once the cutoff has been reached the cards are submitted. Those who are late in getting their cards in will be followed up with after. We will not hold the process up.Statutory holidays are under “other monies”
Union- Some guys are not getting their hours.
Management- We are making sure that the guys that did not get their 30/32 get topped up before the senior guys get 40.
Management- The scales will shutdown at breakup, they will have a shortened week next week. The last day of deliveries is March 31 2008.
Union- What is the future for the workshare here at Elko?Management- The cutoff is April 10 but we can continue until August 2 and then request an extension. We will know next week.
Union- We need a commitment on a summer shutdown.
Management- We are working at figuring this out. We want to make sure it doesn’t mess up with the workshare program. The Pulp shutdown scheduled for May 5-15 will not affect us at Elko.

2. Suspensions
Union- In times like these there has to be a better way to deal with people. Our members have taken a huge hit in downtime and lost wages through layoff.
Management- Every situation will be delt with on its own merits. We agree that we need to work with the Plant Committee. We also need to get the message out to the problem worker. If a worker is in a potential suspension situation we will talk to the Plant Committee and try to come to agreement; maybe not a suspension.

3. Job Posting
Union- one worker B.
Management- he is not returning calls; we will send him a letter
S. D.- will be back
M. M.- not returning calls- we will send a letter
C. W.- will not be back
C. D.- will not be back
C. K.- will not be back
Union- the job postings are up to date except for one worker B.
What about spares?
Management- We will train on an as needed basis, we have lots of incumbents.
Union- the agreement says that permanents are tied to spares. You cannot deny people.
Management- We will not deny people if they have held a spare and they have never trained. We will give that person the permanent through the job posting.
Union- When an Oiler goes off, there is no coverage. We have spare oilers but they are not used.
Management- we will look at this.
Union- One last thing, job postings are a requirement upon job vacancy

4. CLT supervisor
Union- We need an experienced person in this position. We have the CLT supervisor asking our guys what to do in this job. The CLT operators have been asked at times what to do in certain circumstances.
Management- We will look into this.

5. L. V., Planer Foreman
Union- Who is L’s replacement?
Management- We are looking into making D. P. job permanent, and then we will post inside of Tembec for replacement.

6. Loss revenue due to poor quality lumber
Union- What machine is creating the poor quality lumber in the sawmill?
Management- It’s the 12’ HDA. We have already made improvements. We have spent a total of eight man days on this machine, and we will continue until we are satisfied.

7. Round Table
Union- Is Tembec involved in the Provincial round table on raw log exports?
Management- No

8. Raw Log exports
Union- Is there any pressure from the industry regarding raw log exports?
Management- We have not heard anything.
Union- FYI, there are logging trucks hauling logs to a depot in Creston, they unload the logs and then the logs sit for a few weeks up for sale. When the logs don’t sell they are loaded up and taken across the line into the U.S. In Washington State log exports are illegal.
Management- this does not affect us.

9. Orientation Committee
Union- We have strong reservations about one of the committee members. This individual has been in a lockout violation and you want him orientating new workers?? This looks bad.
Management- What better way to make a person safer? You expose them to safety.
Management- Just so you know, Rick B. is in charge of this committee.

10. Scaler Job
Union- We need a spare scaler. V is gone and the current spare has been there since V left. The Plant Committee has been shown their work load and it’s enormous.
Management- There is less and less pulp wood coming in, we are on two shifts and the Alberta wood is coming to an end.
Union- Post for a third permanent, when you don’t need them, lay them off. Use this person on an as needed basis. Post for a spare- relief as needed. You cannot keep the spare in there anymore.
Management- We don’t disagree with your idea, we will look at it.

11. Company Update
Union- Will you be training any casuals?
Management- We think we are ok for casuals, we are hiring a couple of full time people.
Union- Tobacco Policy, We have been approached by people on the issue of chewing tobacco. Tembec has a Tobacco Policy this includes smoking and chewing, there are complaints coming from the Planer. Apparently people have been spitting over the grade chain onto the floor. When clean up is done others have to deal with this mess. This is not going to be tolerated, this is a health risk.
Management- If this continues we will deal with these people the same way we deal with smoking in non designated areas.
Management- We would like to bring up the issue of maintenance material being left lying around the plant. We would like to see this cleaned up.
Union- We have concern over the siphoning of fuel out of the mechanic truck and the sort machines in the yard. The mechanics will not fuel up their truck on Friday because too many times the tank is empty on Monday.
Management- We lock the gates, so we don’t know how they are getting in or who is taking it.

12. Electrician
Management- We cannot find an Electrician. N. J. gave his notice. We are very concerned.
Union- Put up an Apprenticeship.
Management- Yes, that’s probably what we will do. One in the near future and maybe another six months down the road from the first.
Union- You should have listened to us three years ago.
Management- With the changes to the apprenticeship program we did not want to put one through until the program was complete.
Union- Lets take a close look at the Electrical department and learn. Over at the heavy duty shop we have two mechanics close to retirement. Let’s not let the same thing happen over there. Management- Note taken
Management- On another note we will be having a processor in the yard for 1-3 weeks doing shorts, like last year.

Minutes by Lee Rodger, Elko Plant Secretary for the Union Committee

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