Saturday, February 23, 2008

Workhare Questions

TO: All employees
FROM: Daniel Dumas
DATE: February 12, 2008

Workshare Program 2008, Some Questions Answered

1. What happens to an employee currently on leave? (Vacation, Leave of absence, WI, WCB, etc.)

Employees on leave will be required to enroll in the Workshare Program immediately upon return to work.

2. What is procedure for filling and sending weekly EI cards?

EI cards are to be completed on paper format. Cards must be handed in to mill clerk for sending to EI.

3. What happens if an employee takes a day off during the week (floater, vacation, sick, etc.)?

Additional days off for floater, vacation and sickness or other do not impact Workshare day and cannot be substituted. If worker is unavailable for entire week due to sickness or vacation (40 hours pay) then he/she is not eligible to any Workshare payment.

4. Can a worker be exempt from the EI claw back requirement?

Yes, any worker who was paid regular EI benefits for less than 1 week in the 10 years before 2008 will not be subject to the clawback.

5. Will the reduced workweek affect employee pension plan?

Yes, the Pension Plan is based on hours worked and Workshare Program hours do not count as hours worked for Pension Plan purposes.

6. If a worker is only scheduled work for one day during the week, what happens?

As the Program is set up for permanent employees only and not casuals, this situation would only happen on an exception basis. Schedule at least ½ an hour of work per week for employees in order for them to receive EI benefits.

7. What happens if a worker does not apply for EI Workshare Program?

Nothing, he will not participate in the WorkShare Program and will not be eligible to EI benefit for Workshare day. This will not impact other participants or affect the Program.

(from: Daniel Dumas )

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