Sunday, January 27, 2008

Letter of Understanding

Here is the Letter of Understanding for Workshare, Jan.15-08 (click on image to enlarge)

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Tembec's bitch said...

Glad the company is living up to Rounsville's comments to try and look after valued workers. Hope it works out for you.

At the Cranbrook Planer, on the other hand, they hauled away the last little bit of lumber we were supposed to mill over a few days in January - that way they don't have to pay us for the Xmas/New Year's stats.

We're told we MIGHT get a couple of short weeks of work in 2008 and in 2009... well, we'll see.

Meanwhile, Roland Kempermann tells workers they should just transfer out and lose everything - he doesn't feel sorry for them at all.

Roland conveniently forgets (surprise, surprise) that when plans were first announced to close the planer a little over five years ago, Tembec told employees that they'd only let limited numbers transfer out each year as per the contract because they needed to keep the Planer running. But those who stuck around could go straight to the finger joint plant with their plant seniority intact at closure, or take their severance and go to pension if old enough, or transfer then. A few years later, more shutdowns and cutbacks at the Cranbrook Planer. More reminders that not everybody could go as they needed to keep the Planer running - and the original plan regarding the finger joint plant and severance still applied. So a few more guys asked for transfers and were allowed to leave.

It was supposedly closure in spring of 2007. And when the planer wasn't running, that would be considered permanent closure even if the kilns were still running. All that happened in Spring 2007 is that a doughnut meeting on a Friday afternoon, in response to a direct question from Dave Sherret of Elko, Rounsville told Cranbrook planer employees that he had no knowledge of any work shutdowns coming up in Cranbrook. The following Monday morning, there was a crew meeting first thing where Brett Oddy told the crew that we weren't going to see a lot of work in 2007. Funny, the lights didn't seem to be on at the head office all weekend for that change to take place since Rounsville spoke...

So the crew at Cranbrook made their choices over the last few years based on what people like Rounsville and Kirk told them. They stayed to help Tembec wring their last dollar out of the place, while they still needed the Cranbrook Planer. They took the word of Rounsville and Tembec about what was going to happen in making their choices.

So now the Cranbrook Planer is not going to operate for the forseeable future (maybe just a few days here and there so they can discharge anyone who doesn't show up for work). That was supposed to be when the planer was declared closed and the guys could transfer to the fingerjoint plant with their seniority, or take their severance and go to pension. But no... Rounsville says they "might need" the Cranbrook planer again sometime. Sadly, of course, that means Tembec is unable to allow guys to transfer to the finger joint plant or pay them their severance and allow them to go to pension.

I guess what Roland Kempermann means when he says he doesn't feel sorry for anyone, is anyone who was stupid enough to believe one word that came from Tembec regarding how they'd treat their workers deserves everything they got.

Good luck to you guys. And remember if their signature ain't below what they say they'll do, you can automatically assume they'll do whatever they feel like when the time comes.

"A company of people building management's future..."